Teatime in Georgetown, Penang Island

Above: The commemorative designed box for bean paste biscuits, otherwise known better as tau snar pneah.
Below: The Cantonese-inspired kai chai peng, baked chicken-flavoured snacks garnished with sesame seeds.

Almond biscuits are a staple of southern Chinese traditions heavily influencing South-east Asia -  the above comes from Macau.

Chicken and mushroom flaky pastry pie, perfected by Hainanese chefs cooking for mainly Scottish masters far away from the British Isles.  (Courtesy of Breadtop)

Design of box holding classic savoury yet sweet Penang specials, the beh teh saw, bite-sized baked delights.

Home made curry puffs from sis-in-law Sian Kin.
(Image Credit - S.K. Teoh)