Hideaway in Bungendore, New South Wales

Bungendore Village was settled in 1837 but still thrives as a viable community lying between the Federal Highway form Australia's capital and Batemans Bay through Braidwood in New South Wales. The village is well planned in a grid, with mostly residential houses, but there are two hubs for any visitor - Gibraltar and Malbon Streets. Accommodation is charming country, with a variety of cottages, old buildings and pub hotels. Bungendore is strong in its traditions of leather crafting, rural art and wood work. It is especially good for a day time stopover, especially with its markets on the third Sunday of each month, antiques on offer and its cafes. Not far from town are several vineyards like Affleck, Lambert,,Shepherds Run, Lake Hill, Lerida and Lake George. The real Lake George is nearby but now is a dried up version of its former self.

A fireplace gets going (above) on a nippy Sunday morning in July whilst

fine wood creations are displayed in a store (below).

A porcelain plate that serves as a house address marker in Bungendore Village.

A table by the window, graced by freshly plucked chrysanthemum flowers, at the Le Tres Bon Restaurant, which serves elegant and ambient French cuisine.

A heritage farming contraption that stands proudly outside an antique outlet.

My attention was caught with these pieces of treated leather hanging on a railing.

A sign board from early Bungendore days.

This Shanghai, China tricycle from the early part of the 20th century has made its way to an agricultural community in rural Australia.


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