Another Time, Another Place

Heritage, a huge responsibility, can be interpretated in various ways. In the face of daunting social and economic challenges, succeeding generations do face obstacles in continuing and enhancing their special heritage, whether in the heart, language used, actual practice, religious beliefs or in physical expressions of such. Heritage is no stranger to adversity, and in fact are born and shaped when challenged and experienced. Heritage requires leadership to continue, be flexible when faced with a passing parade of circumstances and somewhat preserved when transferred to differing environments.

Heritage can take the best of other cultures interacted with, but also must have a strong core to survive and provide reliability. To maintain heritage requires a supporting system to pass it on, and this system must have all the bells and whistles to make it practical, fun and also be passionate about. Heritage can be marketed through cuisine, architecture, history, uniqueness, mass presence or effective transformation. Heritage can surpass the roadblocks of migration, political restriction and economic realities - in the end, all it requires is the will to act in the heart of every one of its torch bearers.

On a recent visit to South-east Asia, here are some images of heritage that move me in my heart. They represent icons and representations of another time and another place.


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