When in Wollongong

Tramps, the store for men on Crown Street Mall, offers unique branded underwear and footwear. It is not surprising to be able to pick up Bjorn Borg and Diesel wear priced in the AUD50 range on the ground floor.
The sales staff have an Italian background and flair about them, and my experience is that they are very attentive to detail when you speak to them about purchasing a suit.

Wollongong Waves - Ceiling of Crown Street Mall Centre

The Body Shop outlet at the same mall exudes the enthusiasm and consistency for customer experience from its UK headquarters. There is always a constant effort to provide new variety, not just in products, but also in packaging, combinations and display.  This time around, they offer Japanese themed cherry blossom flavours in not just bath room toiletries but also in an expanding range of aromatics.  You can consider buying in various combinations that can cost from ten to a hundred dollars - hence the greater fun in choice and shopping.

Surprising Wollongong

The David Jones store for clothing is just too packed out and seriously requires a move to bigger quarters. Sometimes an enterprising busker or two position themselves outside the dark wallls of this store - the last I saw was an engaging guy singing his rendtions on a guitar. The Cino Cafe, just across the lane. but also facing the mall, offers a respite from the outside elements, make available a range of delicious cakes and offers a cosy retreat from the everyday.  Its mostly young staff are lean and busy.  Try the flourless gluten-free orange cake in this cafe  if you are next on Crown Street Mall.

(The writer writes afar from his adopted town of Wollongong, and declares he has no shares or monetary benefit in any of the businesses mentioned in this article)


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