Using Facebook

In view of the greater risks to privacy, security and integrity when posting on Facebook, I emphasise my policy when using this facility.

1. Not everything that happens in my life are posted on Facebook - when scanning my FB postings, you do not know all my friends, relatives and positive people in my life - many choose not to be seen, photographed or mentioned in Facebook. Several of my friends have asked me not to post them or their activities with me in real life on Facebook. You do not see all events I am involved in, and most of the time if a photograph appears, thay are not on line real time.

2. I shall use Facebook to share positive, significant, inspiring matters - and topics which need thoughtfulness, decision making and action to follow up with. I shall try my best not to post speculative, rabble rousing and false news from external websites. Facebook users must think more for themselves and not accept that news feed on Facebook is necesarily true, just like we do not fully trust the traditional press, Tv news channels and other social media outlets.

3. Unless stated, the images and videos that appear on my Facebook postings are copyright to me and protected under Creative Commons. Do ask permission from me if you wish to use them for commercial profit.

4. I encourage you to let me know if any of my statements or third party reports that appear on my Facebook postings are not accurate or correct - and I shall follow up to acknowledge your concerns.

5. If I have emerging trends in my Facebook postings, it does not necessarily mean I want to buy them, or are interested forever in such things, or have a mindset that reflects such implied views. I retain the right to change my views or mindset on products, people, politics, social matters and more. 

6. My Facebook postings are subject to my own actions on deletions, changes and retention.

7. I utilise Facebook for moderate fun, positive diversion and sharing on an intelligent basis. I do not believe in applying to a wide extent that everybody is interested in me, wants to connect with me or wants to share with me. I do not want to connect with every one , only individuals who give me positive vibes.

8. I do use other means of communication apart from Facebook. So my Facebook is not totally me, and I am not just living a Facebook life.