Bombara Seafood Wollongong NSW

No longer are you required to collect your own cutlery like some years back.

The views are still lovely, offering different moods of the sea, escarpment and weather.  You can check out the surf from a vantage point or feel the breeze on your face and hair at the verandah.

Vehicle parking can be a pain at certain times of the day and night, especially during summer.   On Friday evenings in summer, there may be an outside food fete near the Lighthouse area.

The servings are generous, especially the platters, whether in the classic modern Australian style or those with a decidedly Mediterranean influence.  

Get dirty with your fingers, ask for any crab clamps, dig into the variety of sauces and cool down with wine or beers.   You may even come across an acquaintance, neighbour or good mate.  Families and couples, visitors or locals, they are all here.

Bombara Seafood is located at  the upper floor of the Fishermen's Coop Building at 1-2 Endeavour Drive, Wollongong Harbour, NSW.
Contact +61 2 4229 7011
Opening hours are from 7am to 10pm every day.

An independent review by Kevin Yong

My dish recommendations at the Bombara Seafood,  Wollongong Harbour are as follows:

Cob loaf of organic olive and rosemary bread slices served with hazelnut and balsamic butter.

Grilled fish - your choice of Barramundi, Atlantic salmon, John Dory or Snapper.

Sizzling prawn hot pot.

Hot and cold seafood platter for two with an upper tray of Moreton Bay bugs and lobster; with a lower plate of fresh and battered salt and pepper prawns, grilled Snapper fillets, salt and pepper squid, smoked salmon rolls, oysters Kilpatrick on the shell, dipping sauces and chips.


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