Costa Azzura Revisited - Fairy Meadow NSW

The penne with prawns turned out to be appetising and full of flavoured sauce.  Thin shaves of Parmesan topped the act.    A fresh grind of black pepper lifted the game from an already well done offering.  It was not overly rich with the tomato based sauce - just right!  Serving was not over loading but good enough to saviour as a starter.

As a friend  remarked on Facebook, "Now, that is what I call a real pizza!"

A serve of salad that has it all in my mind - salty, sour, savoury and Unami.  The sun dried tomatoes were luscious, the Fetta was solid and the greens soaked in the dressing.   And the salty temptations on top.....

Three wafer like layers balanced like a flowering bloom that has been garnished with love.   Each of us took a layer each.  The result  - light, crispy and full of various sensations.  An excellent way to tease the palate at the end of a three course  meal -  it mellows the heart, it lightens any burdens and pleases the mind.

We had a Toblerone cheesecake slice when the Tiramisu was no longer available from the kitchen pantry.  And what  a good alternative choice.  The strawberry on top off set the light creaminess.  The wafer was a visual focus point.  I loved the nutty feel and taste in the main body of the cake.   When shared amongst the three of us, it was not gluttony but a pleasure.

The Costa Azzura Italian Restaurant is located at 71 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow NSW.
Opening hours are from 5pm every evening except Mondays.
Contact + 61 2  4285 4520


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