Seascape Cafe - Port Kembla NSW

The call of surf and sky, the sounds that lull into a sense of inner comfort, these are all ever green captivating us when we connect with the outdoors and Nature.   To have breakfast or lunch looking out at rather empty ocean and a beautiful horizon is a wish come true.  And you may have this at the Seascape Cafe, located at the end of a quiet Foreshore Road in Port Kembla NSW.  You walk up the stairs of the Maritime Police Centre.  It looks like a family run cafe but the owner and staff are as apple hearted as can be.  The menu does not echo of fancy or unusual, but is assured you to remind you of reliability and wholesomeness that city folks often miss and yearn for.

I went back to Seascape earlier this month and loved the ever reliable scenery.  The cafe is located on a vantage point within the Maritime Police Centre.  The ocean winds were refreshing and there was a wholesome crowd at lunch time.  I just loved the veg laden burger, not entirely healthy as it was deep fried but really yummy and of  such  large serving!  The Seascape can be a good choice for a meal if you are visiting the nearby Nan Tien Temple in Berkeley.

I am not a fan usually of lasagna but this cafe has one that made me notice their version.  It just has the right richness, taste and overall attractiveness.  On my very first visit, on the recommendation of Katie and Scott, and accompanied by Janie and Jen, I had the Seascape version of the Big Breakfast - this was like home made, generous and with all the works.  Eating on an outside table under the ocean breezes can prove challenging if the winds step up and the seagulls are watching you and your grub.

The Seascape may have started life as the cafe for the Maritime Police Centre, but its appeal I reckon goes beyond this.  

The Seascape Cafe is located at 91 Foreshore Road, Port Kembla NSW.
Park your vehicle below the Maritime Police Centre.
Opening hours are from breakfast to lunch time every day.
Book for good weather days.

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