Sunshine Coast Queensland - Gastronomy

Corn fritter stack, with waffles, poached egg and bacon - Lot 104, Mooloolaba Beach.

Scampi with spaghetti - Belle Venezia, Mooloolaba Beach.

Scrambled egg with chorizo - Augello's, Mooloolaba Beach.

A snack idea - poached egg with fresh avocado slices on toast, Cafe Venice - Maroochydore.

Creamy seafood red curry - Som Tam Thai, Maroochydore

Grilled snapper with kumara chips, dip, cherry tomato and veg - Drift Bar, Caloundra Beach.

Bella Roma cocktail - Belle Venezia, Mooloolaba Beach.

Duck confit garnished with walnuts, orange slices and fresh greens - Italian style.

Angus beef burger and chips - the Aussie works.


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