Lady J Cafe & Wine Bar - Bondi Junction, Sydney

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A bit away from the mall and Westfield at Bondi Junction, at the far end of Oxford Street, you come across two very different food concept outlets but located side by side, not exactly conjoined twins but almost. Lady J has an west coast US feel plus Spanish influences, especially in its tables, cutlery boxes and food styles.  The Paleo lists out organic ingredients.  It was a nippy Sunday morning and the obvious choice was for warm comfort breakfasts and a strong but good cup of Gabriel barista coffee.   The decor also had more character at Lady J, with its pervasive wood feel, so it had a more natural appeal on the rather first cool weekend of winter for Sydney this year.  I could not help comparing this to a smaller version of Wollongong CBD's Three Chimneys - hey this was a bar, cafe and modern Australian outlet with a special feel, in Sydney's iconic eastern suburbs.

Service was prompt, friendly and unobtrusive. There are not many tables but they were spaced beautifully.  Fine attentive touches of wall art, accessories and shelved bottles and glasses - they all added to the unique feel.   There was an open air flow view to the street. Oh yes, also Brasserie Bread rolls, sourdough and baked stuff.   I have not been there at night, but I was already advised to try the tapas. My Eggs Benedict, laden with fine avocado slices and a wonderful Hollandaise sauce, was one of the better ones I have come across.   The engaging staff gave a big beaming smile when coffee was requested and even came to say good bye.  My cappuccino was refinedly designed to catch the eye. And then you can go shopping to your heart's content.


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