Celebrations 24

Having a curry cook off.

Watching how paw paws grow from flower bud to fruit.

Enjoying authentic Cantonese cuisine on a winter's night.

Getting real hand written letters in the slow mail.

Drinking a well made cuppa from a mate you have known for so long.

Walking down a charming street in Melbourne.

Watching the sun rise gloriously with several colours along the ocean front north of Wollongong.

Putting nice toiletries beside a rain shower in a restored house.

Returning to Sydney city centre as a working lifestyle.

Relaxing with mates who inspire me.

Embracing change and breaking through from a comfort zone.

Letting go of and culling stuff I no longer require for a long time now.

Sharing the joy, especially after breaking whatever perceived barriers with a special someone.

Returning to a place where almost everybody knows you - and your name.

Resting for the night where you can wake up to see the ocean.

Meeting someone who has inner happiness no matter what.

Sharing an overnight train cabin in an unknown country and making friends anyway.

Feeling a unique joy when someone makes effort to cook for you in their home.

Realising an ultimate sense of proportion, perspective and patience.

Having flexibility and freedom to achieve the same outcomes.

Knowing you can rely on a very special circle of mates to chat on anything and mutually enhance our mindsets.

Being introduced to people who are also important in the lives of our closest and most important.

Observe the dynamic energy and enthusiasm of wild life in their natural state.

Eating comfort food in the place of our childhood.


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