Moore Park - Sydney, NSW

Moore Park has interesting neighbours - the Sydney Cricket and Sports grounds and is part of the Centennial Park Trust grounds.

It used to house working movie studios, but today remains to attract visitors to its sporting grounds and Entertainment Quarter  which concentrates on its cinema, food, drinking and live performance outlets.  Moore Park shares the Centennial space with Queens and Centennial Parks.

It also hosted for many years the Royal Sydney Easter Show and is the final point (at Hordern Pavilion) for the annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Accessible not by train but only by road, it is also familiar to many sports fans in NRL and more.

The south-western corner of Moore Park had a home maker Supa Centre built on the site of the old tram depot.  Anyone driving along Anzac parade and South Dowling Street will note the extensive golf course grounds as well.  The Byron Kennedy Hall hosts warehouse sales and food plus wine events for the public.  Kids can look forward to Skater HQ functions in April.

Moore Park was the site of Sydney's first zoo and named in honour of one of its mayors, Charles Moore, who was in office for three years from 1867.  A light rail system has been planned for construction, passing by Moore Park, on the way to Kensington and Randwick.

I recall visiting the Titanic replica inside a theme park that used to draw the crowds at Fox Studios.  This has disappeared but one can still enjoy the celluloid screen at the Paris Cinema, with easy multi-level vehicle parking under cover.  Moore Park thrives on imagination, the mysterious and the delightful.  I do hope the City Council continue to utilise this centrally located  area to reflect on the spirit of essential Sydney.


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