York Lane Cafe, Wynyard - Sydney CBD

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I first came upon York Lane as part of an exercise in a trial building fire drill. The literal lane was clean, quiet and unassuming, providing a break between high rises near the Sydney's Harbour Bridge and slotted neatly between York and Clarence Streets. I noticed Made In Italy along this lane then, with a counter facing the roadway and egg tray cubes making do as tables for lunchers. Tucked away slightly a few metres up north along York Lane is this cafe with an apparently simple entrance but with a much more colourful interior inside.

When you walk in, you cannot help but noticing the mirrors at the furthest end of the joint.  The square shaped tables are necessarily small and low, with stools offered for customers. The decor does set the tone, with a colourful mural on one wall and the bar on the other. There was a portable electric fan sitting inauspiciously during a sultry warm afternoon on the day of visit. I was told of the hanging bicycle before hand - and there it was placed snugly above, reminding me of the Clipper Cafe in Glebe, Sydney CBD. The cafe does not have a level floor but more interesting, it provides various platform and down step corners. You can have takeaway, but more delightful is to spend an hour or so soaking in the innovative interiors.

I am reminded of Melbourne lifestyles sitting inside the York Lane Cafe.  Coffee, carefully thought of snacks, wines, liquorsrs, juices and beers.  The menu comes on parched paper placed on small wooden clipboards. Service is fast despite being informal and friendly.  The house wine costs $6.50 when accompanied by a meal and there is happy hours between 2 and 4pm. Did I mention the bar? Yes, this unusual place is open till late on six out of the seven days (only closed on Sundays). Now there is at least a place to unwind after the late performance at the nearby Sydney Opera House or after a post work hours convention on a weeknight. Lamps look down at you from the ceiling.

I could not resist one of their signature menu items, the roast pork served with chili jam and a side serve of salad in creamy dressing. The crispy skin of the pork was well accompanied by the textured and juicy bite of the meat underneath.  The layer of fat was more than I expected but I thought it blended well.  Hey it was not that fat!  They did not have the Chinese styled duck slices with wraps that day. Later we topped up the visit with trying out the coffee - it was strong but had well chosen bean flavour and made with a creamy intensity, at least for my cuppacino!


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