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Charcoal grilled chicken ala Vietnam with tomato flavoured rice, veg and dipping sauce.  (The Naughty Chef, Hunter Connection, Wynyard precinct)

Penang-inspired char koay teow, the Malaysian cousin of pad thai and laden with stir-fried egg, bean sprouts, wok heat , prawns off the shell, crunchy shallots and chopped Chinese chives.  (Ipoh onYork, near the junction of King and York Streets, Town Hall precinct)

Cantonese inspired Ipoh Hor fan, with steamed chicken on the skin, served with rice noodle soup, plenty of bean sprouts, garnishing, soy sauce, garlic and chili pastes.  (Sayong Curry and Laksa Malaysian, Woolworths Food Court, basement at Woolworths Town Hall)

A nasi lemak combination set, with lusciuos looking chicken curry, hard boiled eggs, deep fried anchovies, sambal condiments, Lebanese cucumber slices, curried potatoes and coconut milk flavoured steamed rice.
(Ipoh onYork, near the junction of King and York Streets, Town Hall precinct)


Charmaine said…
Wow.. you travel far for lunch or is it dinner? You reminded of the food court behind Woolies. Used frequent it but have not been for years.
Kin Yuen said…
I had a bit of fun rediscovering some fav food haunts at various times in the past few weeks. I also realised how useful the labyrinth of underground walk passages emanating from Sydney CBD train stations can be. Woollies food court can be compact but still packs the crowds in.

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