A Longing, A Special Treat

Penang styled noodles, with prawns, chives and pork slices, in a prawn-based savoury soup, above image, taken at Albee's Kitchen in Campsie south-west of Sydney CBD.

Various types of light and heavy cheese, according to taste preference, accompanied with various types of crackers, dried fruits and bread slices from Brasserie Bread of Botany, Sydney.
Curry puffs with sweet potato mash, chicken curry fillings and half hard boiled eggs from Albee's Kitchen.
Vanilla bean ice cream with a slice of pie fresh from the oven from Charmaine Wan of From My Home website, accompanied by Easter egg chocs from Haighs of Adelaide SA.

Cappuccino with a big K from Vaughn Turner at Rush, Wollongong NSW.
Chili crab, cooked with a creamy egg-infused savoury and spicy sauce in Singapore. Image credit to Ms Auyong Kit Fong.


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