Jonga Jip Korean Restaurant, Eastwood - Sydney

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Jonga Jip fashions itself on offering Korean fusion food and is located along Rowe Street in the Asian-dominated suburb of Eastwood, 20km to the north-west of Sydney"s Harbour Bridge. Servings are generous and the food is tasty. I am always fond of the entrees served in Korean meals before the main dishes actually ordered arrive. They remind me of Spanish tapas or Chinese yum cha, but usually involve pickling, sesame oil, cabbage, radish, lettuce, garlic, chilies and bite-sized variety. Such entrees are provided like bottomless jugs at Hungry Jacks - Jonga Jip staff ask if you want more of the entrees after you finish them.

The salad dressing used in Korean cuisine can be innovative and different from other Asian practices. The penchant by Koreans for corn, wheat and potatoes reflect their geographical location and climate in north-eastern Asia. Above, the delicious potato noodles, stir-fried with black fungus, chili slices, sesame seeds and crunchy vegetables.

Contrasts in texture can be experienced with the bean curd based morsels of starters (above picture) and the marinated chicken below. Korean cuisine primarily is strong on grilled and barbecued meats, especially beef, although we did not try that.

Interesting features provided by Jonga Jip are the press button on guest tables to draw attention to waiting staff ( no need to hand wave) and the charcoal fired cook burner available for use in the center of every dining table. Another good option is to try the Haemul Pajeon, or green onion pancake with seafood, which must be taken when served hot. The ambiance in Jonga Jip is modern, with wooden tables and fast service. We even went grocery shopping after the lunch and also had our cuppa, Korean style, at a nearby bakery cafe.


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